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Welcome to the Armes Research Group at the University of Sheffield. Please use the links in the Section panel (on the left of every page) to navigate around our site.


This group has a wide ranging interest in both the synthesis and applications of polymers. Our research interests include the synthesis of micelles using novel hydrophilic-hydrophilic diblock copolymers exhibiting stimuli-responsive behaviour, the synthesis of shell-cross-linked micelles using novel ABC triblock copolymers, and the synthesis of novel polymeric surfactants. The group also conducts research into the synthesis and characterisation of conducting polymers in the form of colloidal dispersions, nanocomposites, and core-shell micelles. Vinyl polymer-silica nanocomposites have also been extensively studied, based on the simple synthesis route to conducting polymer-silica nanocomposite particles discovered by this group.

The group has used a wide range of polymer synthesis techniques, including conventional free-radical polymerisation, living cationic polymerisation, group-transfer polymerisation, nitroxide-mediated polymerisation,atom transfer radical polymerisation (ATRP) and reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerisation.

Recent research highlights include the synthesis and aqueous self-assembly of a variety of amphiphilic block copolymers using RAFT and ATRP and the preparation of covalently cross-linked colloidosomes.

A picture gallery of some of the electron microscopy images obtained by past and present members is available here.

News 2015

January: Armes group publishes its 500th paper (N. J. Warren et al., JACS, 2015, 137, 1929-1937). Vicki Cunningham attends a control of emulsion polymerisation symposium in Frankfurt, Germany and presents a poster

February: Steve Armes and Sasha Mykhaylyk get an 871 K capital equipment grant from EPSRC to purchase a new world-class SAXs instrument (to be commissioned by March 31st, 2016 - watch this space!) Trip to Diamond synchrotron, SAXS study of structural transformations of hydrogen-bonded thermo-responsive worm-like micelles under shear

March: Matt Derry attends SC/SCI Colloids Group conference Arrested gels, dynamics, structure and applications in Cambridge, UK. Sarah Canning and Greg Smith start their post-docs in the Armes group.

April: Visiting Lecturers: Prof. Jan Skov Pedersen (Aarhus University, Denmark) and visits from Scott Bader (great CDT seminar from Dr. Steven Brown!), Lubrizol and CSIRO scientists (home of RAFT polymerisation). Steve Armes, Sasha Mykhaylky and Lee Fielding attend the annual High Polymer Research Group Meeting at Pott Shrigley

May: Fourth International Symposium Frontiers in Polymer Science, Lake Garda, with a talk from Steve Armes and posters from PengCheng Yang, Vicki Cunningham, Liam Ratcliffe, Beulah McKenzie and Nick Warren

June: European Polymer Federation (EPF) conference in Dresden Germany, with talks from Joe Lovett, Liam Ratcliffe and Matt Derry. Lee Fielding presented a talk at the 'ACS 2015 Colloid & Surface Science Symposium' at Carnegie Mellon University. Dave Growney leaves the group to start a job at Lubrizol.

July: Armes fest 500 (a conference held in Sheffield to celebrate 500 papers from the Armes group!), annual summer Armes Group BBQ, Dr. Sarah Canning passes PhD viva. Graduation for Armes group MChem students: Bernice Akpinar, Danielle Steel and Rheanna Perry.

August: Charlotte Mable has her first PhD paper accepted for publication in Chemical Science. Steve Armes attends Fusion 'Functional Polymeric Materials' meeting at Ascot; ACS Boston Talks from Steve Armes, Charlotte Mable, Vicki Cunningham, Joe Lovett, Nick Penfold, Liam Ratcliffe, Mark Williams and Nick Warren (twice). There will also be a poster from Mark Williams. Congratulations to Dr. Dave Growney for passing his PhD viva!

September: ECIS meeting in Bordeaux , will be attended by Steve Armes, Yin Ning and Matt Derry. Jeppe Madsen and Irene Canton will give talks at the 27th European Conference on Biomaterials ESB2015, Krakow, Poland. Dr Mark Williams leaves the group, Dr Lee Fielding leaves the group to start a Lectureship in the School of Materials at The University of Manchester

Further Information

You can find a wide range of information on our group using the links in the navigation panel on the left, such as details of our research and publications and information about group members.

Below are additional links to the main home page for the University of Sheffield and the main home page for the school to which we belong, a link to the Department of Chemistry, and a link to the Polymer Centre home page. For information on travelling to the University of Sheffield, see the Information for Visitors page.

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