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Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) asked by members of the group. Please recommend this page to new members of the group. New members can also refer to the University's induction home page.

Any suggestions for additional questions and answers will be appreciated, please email them to

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> Administration > Computers > General
> Health and Safety > Laboratory > New Members
> Office > Printing > Stores and Ordering
> How do I claim expenses?
> How do I request an article, book chapter, or whole book that is not in the University library?
> What is Spybot Search and Destroy?
> How do I update Spybot Search and Destroy?
> How do I immunise my computer in Spybot Search and Destroy?
> How do I run a check for problems in Spybot Search and Destroy?
> What is Ad-Aware SE Personal?
> What should I do if my computer has a problem that I cannot fix myself?
> How do I transfer spectra from the NMR server to my computer?
> Why is someone else using my computer?
> How can I change my University password?
> How can I access the Chemistry server (Chem-server))?
> Which tap can I use to get water for drinking?
> Where can I get University Logos from for my presentations or reports?
> How can I set up automatic reply emails to respond to my emails when I am away?
> Who is the Chemistry department contact in the Central Mechanical Workshop?
Health and Safety
> What is a CoSHH form?
> How do I complete a CoSHH form?
> Who can authorise my CoSHH form?
> Why do I need a CoSHH Reference Number?
> What is a yellow card for?
> Where can I get safety glasses from?
> What is the waste solvent system in our laboratories?
> How do I dispose of empty solvent bottles?
> Who are our laboratory technicians?
> Why do I need to empty both of the Büchi rotary evaporator traps after use?
> What should I do when we have almost run out of a solvent, reagent, or other item?
> What is the monthly lab cleaning rota?
> What is the Instrument Maintenance folder?
> What is the User Name and password for using the NMR in C39
New Members
> Where should new group members first look for information?
> Where can I find information on housing in Sheffield?
> Where can I find information specific to the Armes Research Group?
> Can I wear my lab coat in the office?
> What is the phone number for the main Armes Group office?
> Where can I obtain more printer paper?
> Which printer should I print to?
Stores and Ordering
> How do I start ordering items from stores?
> How do I start ordering items from external suppliers (requisition order)?
> Who can sign my requisition order?
> When are stores open?
> When can I collect ordered solvents from stores?
> Where is information on regular orders kept?
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