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  1 September 2005

Use the search publications page to search through Armes Research Group papers from 1995 onwards. You can search by either: name, title, journal, year, volume, or page (or any combination of these).

A search will look for papers that satisfy all the conditions you specify.

Searches are not case-specific (i.e. ARMES is equivalent to armes when searching).

Larger words that contain one of your search terms are also found (i.e. searching for polymer will also find polymers).

If you search for more than one word in either titles or author names, publications that contain all the words (in any order) will be found (i.e. searching for the words Armes Group would find the phrase "Armes Group" as well as the phrase "Armes Research Group").

Author names are in the form S. P. Armes.

Papers are sorted by year (reverse order), then by journal name, and then by page number (reverse order). This means that more recent papers will be towards the top of the page.

Some of the publication titles link to an online PDF version of the paper (if available). You or your institution will require an online subscription to the relevant journal in order to view papers this way (if you do not have access you may still be able to request a copy, to be sent to you by email).

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